Love to read in bed?

The typical height for a swing arm lamp is 42” from the bottom of the shade to the floor. Both Christopher Norman and Hinson-Hansen have good choices. Also Consider adding a dimmer to make the light easier on your eyes.

Trash your Trash Can

371Rev-A-Shelf has a soft close for heavy loads. These drawers keep the trash out of site and the base works with 35 qt. and 50 qt. containers.  A recycle, waste drawer has been a staple in the kitchens I have designed for over 15 years, so let’s make it one that isn’t seen!

Stability Ball VS Office Chair

TechnoGym-stability-ball-300x143Do you spend long hours sitting at your computer? And would like an easy way to get more exercise? Stability balls have been around for some time, but computer use is making them more popular. The Technogym, Wellness Ball, Gaiam, Buoy from Turnstone, Muvman and Swopper from Aeris are some ergonomic options for increased well being. Here are some reasons you may want to consider switching your chair for a stability ball.


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

smoke-detectorDoes your home have a Carbon Monoxide Detector? Carbon Monoxide can be very dangerous as it doesn’t have a sent to it, and it can make you very sick.  Nest has a  that is both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  The best part about it is that you can connect it to your smart phone and it will notify you when the batteries are low, and also you can silence it by waving your hand which can come in handy for false alarms.

Light Dimmers

Night scene in hotel room: prepared fresh bed

Who knew having dimmers on your lights had so many benefits?! Check out this list of 8 Reasons to use Dimmers.

Countertops That Fit Your Lifestyle

When selecting new countertops you not only do you need to consider the look they will give your kitchen but also the upkeep and how they will function with your family. Right now light countertops are trending for example the white marbles are very popular, but they can stain very easily.  So if your family cooks in your kitchen a lot you may want to consider a countertop that is more durable and has less upkeep like Quartz.  Fit the design to your lifestyle not your lifestyle to the design!

Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants have many different benefits including purifying your air and improving mental health.  Each plant has different benefits, make sure and talk with your local nursery about the best ones for your needs.  You can even rotate them through different seasons!

New Uses for Old Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen interior in an upscale home

When getting new cabinets you don’t always need to toss the old ones.  This can be an opportunity to give other areas in your home a new look and add some storage, like an office or garage.

Also remember you can always paint your cabinets or replace the doors and give a new updated look no matter where you use your old cabinets.

Make Your Powder Room Special

There are many options available to help make a small powder room still have that wow feel.  First consider a pedestal sink, by having a smaller sink your will inevitably make your space feel larger. Also choose a bold pattern or color for your walls that will help it stand out from the rest of your home. But just because it is a powder room does not mean it has to be boring.