Art As Your Focal Point

Do you have an emotional response to art? And enjoy surrounding yourself with your favorites? Many people do and most of us are not at Sotheby’s buying for millions. So what exists in most homes is a wide variety: prints, inexpensive pieces, a few pieces by artists you know, hobby pieces you created yourself. Even if you have fine art, updating or moving can cause a re-shuffling.

The fine art piece at the top of the steps was originally over the couple’s fireplace thirty years ago. In order to tie it in to surrounding areas, we created numerous smaller squares that were hung in a horizontal row at 10”. In the next home, we used them to surround another sculpture in a recess. Now they create a vertical row near the original artist’s painting, but lower and centered on the stair landing.

One of the new steps extends to create a space for the marble quail. (Thanks to a detail oriented contractor!) We had a small ottoman we could set it on along with a felt black scarf from the MET. The addition of three more squares adds life and interest to the space.

Moving? Updating? Start with art placement!