Draw People Together with a Fireplace

The most inviting draw for your home during cooler weather?  A fireplace!  Kitchens are natural gathering spots with the hostess and food, however, a fireplace is a natural draw.  With comfortable seating for family and friends, you can create a welcoming and relaxing area for memorable moments.  Many options are now available to make this easier.  It is hard to top a real fire but there are pollution restrictions and messy clean ups.  Gas logs have long been an option and they have become very real looking.  The popular lineal fires are an entirely different and very popular look.  Napoleon Fireplaces’ lineal fires have options that may be utilized in  remodeling or specified in new builds because they can take less than 6” to being part of a build out that looks deeper.  Venting options make it versatile enough to start with design placement and then figure out where the heat will vent.  Explore the cozy options on my Pinterest board – Fireplaces!