Honey Baked Ham

Love honey baked ham?  Tips for making the most of it!  Vertically cut the spirals into bun size piece-larger for adults and dinner roll size for children and enjoy great ham sandwiches the first day.  Pick up the bean pack with purchase.  Divide the leftover piece of ham around the bone into two parts.  Use the first for a boiled dinner in your electric pressure cooker or Instapot with a head of cabbabe, onions, carrots.  Soak the beans the next day and use the second half to cook ham and bean soup.  Combine leftovers from boiled dinner and bean soup and create another great soup.  Leftover ham chunks can be ground for ham salad.  This is great for visiting company or a holiday weekend!  Tips from luxespecs.com-an interior design website with great pinterest boards and Houzz visuals!