Island Design

The island combination of heavy, clean air that you want to breathe deeply to purify your lungs is the beginning of the relaxed feel the blue-green water and blue sky create.  Can the furnishing be anything but casual, relaxed and inviting?  Pops of bright color – orange and yellow can add a livelier dimension – but the cool colors are sooooooo relaxing.  The photos on the Pinterest board reflect a recent trip with additional pictures added.  


How is island design different from the typical southern California beach look?  The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded in many cases by a darker hue of water that has a green undertone so the overall look or fabrics reflects this darker color.  The bright colors, therefore, have more depth as well.  Enjoy the Island look and transport to drinks with umbrellas, Kahula pork nachos and honeymooners of all ages soaking up the breathtaking beaches.