Family Photos

Family photos are the most personal part of your home. If you enjoy having some out, here are a variety of ways to use them:

  • They are typically in the private areas of your home – shelves added in the master bedroom, hallways to bedrooms and large master bath and closet areas are all great for these photos.
  • If the frames are all the same color and the photos are large enough to see the subject they make a nice hall family wall.
  • Old photos can now easily be enlarged to showcase interesting family history.
  • While framing all at once would be easier, they can be framed with different framing if the color is consistent. Frames can be painted as well.
  • For a contemporary look, it is interesting to use 3-5’ sections showing your children all at the age of 2 or 3 in sepia or gray tones.
  • Silver frames grouped together are always a great look.
  • If you want to have the option of not always having them on display, then a open cabinetry section with bi-fold doors which allows you to close them off for a business meeting or large function.
  • Photo albums can be stored nearby if you are constantly shifting new photos in to the frames.
  • Snap a picture with the smartphone app Instagram then use Instacanvas to print your photo onto stretched canvas!


Options for Making Small Powder Rooms More Special

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This picture from J Tribble Collection offers many choices for special small spaces with interesting details.


Hide your TV

082713 01If looking at the black screen is not desirable, there many options for integrating your TV using wood framing or 082713 02stone. If you want to hide it completely, cabinetry such as this one from Horchow or an antique cabinet won’t call attention to the TV. On the other hand, this Rochebobois photo uses the screen by accessorizing to give balance.

082713 03

Choosing Trim Paint Colors

A good formula for ceilings is the trim color plus 50% white. Cream is better for the ceiling than a dead white. It is also a good place to save $ as it does not need to be washable. Use a reflective, glossy glaze on a low ceiling for height and a matte finish in a darker color on a ceiling that is too high. Don’t use a roller for high gloss, it will create unwanted texture.

Chalk Paint

New PictureHave you tried Chalk Paint? It has been popular in the U.K. for twenty years. Now it is trending in the US as an inexpensive way to give furnishings a fresh look! It can be a do-it-yourself project or achieve the look through others painting. The thirty colors can be used separately or combined for a deeper color. Do you want fabric to match? The natural dyes in chalk paint allow you to do this. (If you are going to donate it anyway, you might as well experiment!)


081313 23



Multiple patterns are used to create this tile rug.

Decorating Tips

081313 13bulthaup designed this interior fitting system. You can arrange then re-arrange and even re-arrange to your heart’s content. Utensils are securely held by V-shaped channels. bulthaup is located in Scottsdale, AZ or

French Asthetic

Using a French asthetic gives you an appealing and inviting décor choice.





Basket Weave Pattern

081313 22The combination of neutral tones with black “dots” is classic and easy to live with. A great look!