French Asthetic

Using a French asthetic gives you an appealing and inviting décor choice.





Basket Weave Pattern

081313 22The combination of neutral tones with black “dots” is classic and easy to live with. A great look!

Wallpaper Use

Use wallpapers in unexpected places such as ceilings, sections of a hall or the guest closet.


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Tile pattern adds visual interest to the kitchen

Canine Comfort

canine comfort



Any bed should look inviting like you want to jump right in!

Warm Terracotta Tiles

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Use custom color accents with terracotta tiles.

Classic Floor Pattern

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Neutral background stone with alternating dark and medium dots create a classic pattern.

Lighting Placement

A guide for a dining room chandelier is to hang it 60-66″ from the floor. Bathroom sconces are typically 66″ from the finished floor. If you have a console table in your design, add the outlet 28″ high from the finished floor to eliminate cords showing. Light switches placed 1-1/2″ – 2″ from the door casing won’t interfere with art.

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Stone Medallion

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Beautiful focal point for unique architecture.