Misting Systems

Misting systems:

  • AZ Misting Systems
  • Mist America
  • Aquascience AZ




Putnam Rolling Ladder Company, Inc. for ladders in shelving areas to access the higher shelves.


Schluter Systems has reducers that may be needed to make transitions in flooring and other areas.

Waterproof TV

SunBrite makes a waterproof TV.

Garage Door Vendor

Genie makes a good garage door opener.


Best options for insulation are:

  • R38 in the ceiling.
  • R13 in walls.
  • R19 in the crawl-space.


Safety Tips

For safety, use:

  • Hard-wired smoke alarms with battery back up.
  • Grounded outlets near water ie kitchen, bath and exterior.
  • Anti-scald valves (pressure balance).
  • Tempered glass for windows near stairs, doors and in baths.
  • Handrails on all stairs.


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans (Casablanca, Hunter) like air registers and garage doors (Lodi and Bullfrog) may not need to be the focal point.

What is your focal point-art, the view?  Keep this in mind and colorize accordingly with these items.



Smart Homes Require Space for Equipment

Smart homes require space for equipment so if you want your entertainment, lighting, communications and security systems connected and accessible from your portable electronic devices plan a closet or space with easy door access for this additional equipment.  New equipment is available that is wireless and taking up much less space.

Some local companies are:

  • Insight Home Solutions
  • Creative Sound and integration
  • Cybersound