Mirror Mate

A mirror can change the whole feel of a room, so it’s no wonder why you may want to jazz up that frame less mirror in your bathroom.  With Mirror Mate you can add a decorative frame without removing the mirror from your wall!  already

The King of all Kitchen Sinks!

517091-EN-Ronis-SS-FE2-800x492Do you do a lot of entertaining in your home?  This may be the sink of your dreams! With options for accessories it will help with food prep and serving.

Be the neighborhood hot spot!

Nothing is more inviting than a fire with cooler weather approaching!  Create your home gathering spot with a fire pit. Options are available from simple to custom built.  There are many pick up and put in place options along with huge circles ringed with comfortable chairs.  Simple is a Tearoom copper fire pit with lightweight chairs that can be moved into place and used elsewhere as well.  Custom has no limits!


Scary Litter Boxes

Love your kitty but wish you didn’t have to ever see the litter box?  Remember, true design is in the details! I addressed this issue prior to building the custom home and at the start of remodeling the current home.  The best solution is an interior access -just big enough for kitty to pass through – to a storage or closet that opens in the garage!  In our custom home, the plan was for the access to be through the step riser going to the upstairs office.  This is a great idea but became impossible for us due to finding an air handler in the same area.  

Plan B – a small opening in the drywall to allow Lilly and Rose to enter with total privacy and no sight of the box!  The door opened into the garage near the trash.  In our remodeled home, we have a garage storage area with existing cabinetry on the interior side.  The doors are off the cabinetry section in the least visible spot with access through the back of the cabinet and drywall into the garage storage area.  Voila!  Out of sight and simple to clean up! 

Designers have creative solutions! 


Now this is some amazing interior design!  No one could call this dining room “cookie cutter!”

Concrete Floor

Sealed concrete has become a very popular flooring choice. And there are many different types of concrete to use. Check out K 15 by Ardex it is a self-leveling concrete and is stainable as well!


Completing An Interior With The Wow! Factor

A new interesting option awaits you in completion of your home interior!  A more diverse and varied space can be created with elements beyond art work and a fireplace (TVs with pictures don’t count!)  Lighting has become another element in the arsenal of possibilities!  In a contemporary setting a few years ago, I recommended adding a lighting fixture in the two corners on either side of the fireplace wall.  The fixtures would cast shadows creating an even larger presence.  But fixtures have become more stunning so check the Lighting Page at for the latest options.  There are additional photos on my Pinterest Lighting board that will make Wow! a daily occurrence.

Industrial Look

Love the industrial look?  Now available-manufactured concrete sinks and composite countertop options with cement finish!  See the look!  Pinterest boards Great Sinks and Countertops

Displaying A Collection

Have you been collecting without enjoying your collection?  If so, it may be possible to group your collection together for an interesting visual!  Over many years I collected the string wall hanging (very inexpensive) from MOMA’s gift shop, the African basket, small, woven baskets from cousin Gwen’s travels, a zebra rug knock off, an Indian drum, a beaded wind chime from MIM’s gift shop, various textile garlands-red silk, hand crocheted discs from cousin Gwen and an African girl from Home Goods all on Kuba cloth!  Have fun with your collected treasures!