Pair Paintings and Rugs

Add visual interest to your halls by assembling all of your favorites that don’t necessarily look great anywhere else and grouping them with cohesion in mind. Maybe its color, a collection or from a trip.

Following the angle of the stairs, the Weston apple overlaps a small festive rug with similar colors. The boring half wall became more interesting with wrought iron insets.

Design Your Fourth of July Part 2

Entertaining during the summer!   A beer table may be just what you need!  It is certainly easier to reach for bottles than someone getting up and down or serving everyone!  From beer (or wine) tables to star studded decorations it just takes planning to step up your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary!  Add one dish with replicated color theme for follow through. Red, white and blue, stars and stripes-party on!

Design Your Fourth of July Part 1

With Navy blue as the most dominant dark color (velvet please) the backdrop for the 4th of July is in place with only vibrant additions needed for the full effect! If your permanent color scheme is not red, white and blue you can add one or more of the colors and a stripe or star between Memorial Day, through Flag Day, the 4th of July to Labor Day for a patriotic touch in the summer months. Seasonal changes add vibrancy to your home and set the stage for a themed party! I love this outdoor sofa from Frontgate.

Make Your Own Collection

An antique apothecary chest holds all items that don’t have another home. An interesting piece of furniture combined with contemporary art, an elephant foot print and Zebra sculpture. Mix it up for interest!

Niche Collections

Add visual interest to your halls by assembling all of your favorites that don’t necessarily look great anywhere else and grouping them with cohesion in mind. Maybe its color, a collection or from a trip.

This African themed grouping is based by my Grandmother’s antique drop leaf table. It has been a corner table with one leaf up, extra seating for dining or the play station for children. The accessories have a mainly red and black for visual flow and are simply an ever changing collection.

Sub-Zero Wolf Introduces Their First Dishwasher!

Cove it is!  Just to get our attention Sub Zero put the new Cove dishwasher in the pool on top of the W Hotel in Scottsdale and celebrated it!  Luckily it was May and it is a dry heat!  Great get-together and now your Sub-Zero Wolf package can include a dishwasher!  Made, of course, with the same standards that their other appliances have already established! 

Why does the Sub-Zero refrigerator cost more?  Because it has two compressors – one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator.  These appliances set the standard for luxury properties and are recognized by homeowners and home buyers alike.  Add Cove to your search for quality appliances!

Art As Your Focal Point

Do you have an emotional response to art? And enjoy surrounding yourself with your favorites? Many people do and most of us are not at Sotheby’s buying for millions. So what exists in most homes is a wide variety: prints, inexpensive pieces, a few pieces by artists you know, hobby pieces you created yourself. Even if you have fine art, updating or moving can cause a re-shuffling.

The fine art piece at the top of the steps was originally over the couple’s fireplace thirty years ago. In order to tie it in to surrounding areas, we created numerous smaller squares that were hung in a horizontal row at 10”. In the next home, we used them to surround another sculpture in a recess. Now they create a vertical row near the original artist’s painting, but lower and centered on the stair landing.

One of the new steps extends to create a space for the marble quail. (Thanks to a detail oriented contractor!) We had a small ottoman we could set it on along with a felt black scarf from the MET. The addition of three more squares adds life and interest to the space.

Moving? Updating? Start with art placement!

Stain Resistant Fabrics

One of the take-aways from my recent visit to the High Point Market was how important stain resistant fabrics are becoming in the furniture industry. In the Henredon showroom wine was flowing freely onto the white fabrics they are now using to show that simply blotting it off with a paper towel is all that is necessary. Vanguard had many whites to choose from that had the same capability. Upon returning to the local fabric showrooms indeed these fabrics under many different names are available. You see them mainly in solids but patterns are sure to follow. Manufacturers are making a point that light, even white, upholstery can be maintained to look great. The prices vary but many are a lower price point than the indoor/outdoor fabrics that have been widely used for interiors (especially homes with pets and children).

The technique for coating the fabrics may be applicable for your own fabrics. Ask your interior designer to research the treatment on your fabric.


Choosing Yellow

Love a yellow interior room?  Or maybe yellow is the perfect exterior color?  This array of Sherwin-Williams colors with an actual piece of stone on top from a French chateau illustrates the variety of beautiful hues to choose from.  Who can resist the color of sunshine?  Yellow is a perfect complement with the current gray hues and, of course, a classic with every shade of blue (the big color at the High Point market).  Tip:  Designers have color tools that they can use to select current colors and new options. They can get large color samples from manufacturers so painting sample walls is usually unnecessary.  Check your paint samples in the actual room at night and during the day.  Bask in the glow!!

PS –  Monet’s dining area at Giverny was a luminous yellow!