This Year’s HOT Colors


Pantone Marsala

PPG Blue Paisley

PPG Blue Paisley

The Pantone color of the year is Marsala. Paint companies also choose their favorite colors as well. This year Benjamin Moore chose Guilford Green – a very neutral taupe/green. PPG selected Blue Paisley. And the furniture market is all about the bass (I mean blue!). Do these colors have significance for you?

Many years ago while traveling in France I saw the boldest orange hues in Nice. It did get to the states a couple of years later! Now info travels at nano speed and we are not going to change our wardrobe, paint our walls and buy furniture every year to be “in.”

Guilford green

Guilford Green

In fact being in is out! The easiest way to utilize “trend” colors is to buy when we see the colors in a scarf, a tee shirt, pillows for the sofa, etc. It is very difficult to match highly unique colors when replacing the ruined cushion on the chair that coordinates with the sofa and draperies.

When the designer says toss it all and start over, they want you to have a fresh new look! If you’re lucky your favorite colors will be in!

This year –

  • Cobalt, lapis and robin’s egg are added to navy and indigo.
  • Reds are popular from plum to coral to pink.
  • Gray IS the new neutral for the umpteenth time and
  • Gold is back.