Preparing Your Home for Resale? Use an Interior Designer

Many need estimates of the work to be done to their homes in order to establish a to do list for more major projects. When renovating, these estimates are often compiled by the contractor. Homeowners can act as their own contractors on their properties and may choose to do one project at a time. Rosie Romero recently quoted some prices for the Phoenix area that would give homeowners some ballpark numbers.

  • Windows are a good return on the money invested and wood windows for an average size home could run around $11,000.
  • A mid range bathroom remodel would start near $16,000 and an upscale bath remodel $52,750.
  • A mid range kitchen remodel would start at $55,000 and an upscale remodel at over $100,000.
  • Replacing the roof and the front door also have a good return value.


Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Having dealt with many homeowners and the usual variety of dated homes over the years, plus my ongoing research in the luxury home market, I understand that keeping the continuity of the home becomes very difficult. A great new kitchen, but tile countertops in the bath? A dropped ceiling in the kitchen but a drop dead new master bath? With a skilled professional, these decisions can be weighed throughout the home with a few minor upgrades in areas other than the main renovation area. The contractors are there on site so it is easier to work on smaller projects at the same time.

021015 blog image 3Try for continuity in flooring materials. Wood is always more transitional that butting other hard floor coverings together. Recently a new home I worked on had Mexican tile in an interesting pattern in the entry. Again, continue whatever look you are going with throughout.

Cabinets, however, are more interesting in a variety of finishes. But there should be a consistency with door styles. Interior Designers are the best of the options in determining this interior continuity within your tastes and budget. Many work for an hourly fee. If they are established in their field, they can help with invaluable decisions that increase your home value. If they are working in today’s market, they should have a website. Check their portfolio. Check the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) website to see a list of member professionals then determine the best way to invest in what may be your biggest investment!

Something Old, Something New

New Picture (1)A few medallions added to a flat ceiling can create interest in a very subtle way! One of the artists I work with cut this stencil for our home from a wallpaper pattern that was similar but smaller. We added it to the ceiling for interest.


New Picture (2)There are also replications of the historic ceilings that can be effective on higher ceiling for detailing. For an historic and interesting application check out the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception recreating the look of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Begin with a base coat of Sherwin Williams Duration Home in matte finish, stencil on sizing and proceed with metallic leaf, aluminum leaf and additional varnishes and stencils.

New Picture (3)



Here is a creative use of stenciling! It is combined with hand painted tiles for hood detailing is this luxury kitchen.

Your Dream Home! Complete Right Down to Stemware

212-24-02 smThe trend in New York, Los Angeles and Miami is to sell new luxury properties fully furnished with sumptuous sofas and chairs, art work, sculpture, fine linens, down coverlets, billiards tables, Steinway pianos, custom rugs, pots, pans, stemware, … and generally the “best” of everything.

This is not a staged or spec house look. It is what you would acquire if you could surround yourself with the finest in furnishings AND you had impeccable taste. You see the entire project pulled together and you don’t have to wait. No mistakes or debates about what to choose! You move in immediately! These furnishings are sold on a separate contract.

Many of my clients just like to shop and with some of their acquisitions they enjoyed having the Aha! moment we all have when we see something we love and can’t live without. Would you rather be in the board room, the gym, the sporting event or the recording studio? Then indulge yourself with a professional who can shop but with your taste and needs in mind! Your home is your haven. Make it just what you want it to be.

The Ferrari of Kitchen Ranges

Bertazoni range

Looking for a statement range for your new kitchen? The Bertazzoni range is Italian luxury and like other Italian designs – high performance with striking lines and colors. Having received numerous design awards and from a six generation, thirteen-decades-old company with the same paint used on Ferraris, you may have the ultimate cooking experience!

Art Makes It Your Home

Make your rooms complete with art that fills the space appropriately! Going to art galleries and finding a piece you love is great fun! Adding textiles, antique architectural remnants, metal sculpture or your own photography will give you a start in personalizing your space and it may not be too costly to afford. From the temporary art shows during prime tourist season to enlargements of your own photos from Costco, you can give your space a fresh look! Call for a design consultation for sizing if you need help! Click here to see my Pinterest board about Art.

There are so many options!

This Year’s HOT Colors


Pantone Marsala

PPG Blue Paisley

PPG Blue Paisley

The Pantone color of the year is Marsala. Paint companies also choose their favorite colors as well. This year Benjamin Moore chose Guilford Green – a very neutral taupe/green. PPG selected Blue Paisley. And the furniture market is all about the bass (I mean blue!). Do these colors have significance for you?

Many years ago while traveling in France I saw the boldest orange hues in Nice. It did get to the states a couple of years later! Now info travels at nano speed and we are not going to change our wardrobe, paint our walls and buy furniture every year to be “in.”

Guilford green

Guilford Green

In fact being in is out! The easiest way to utilize “trend” colors is to buy when we see the colors in a scarf, a tee shirt, pillows for the sofa, etc. It is very difficult to match highly unique colors when replacing the ruined cushion on the chair that coordinates with the sofa and draperies.

When the designer says toss it all and start over, they want you to have a fresh new look! If you’re lucky your favorite colors will be in!

This year –

  • Cobalt, lapis and robin’s egg are added to navy and indigo.
  • Reds are popular from plum to coral to pink.
  • Gray IS the new neutral for the umpteenth time and
  • Gold is back.


Bosch Introduces Benchmark Line of Appliances

Bosch Benchmark kitchen Bosch, the well known appliance manufacturer, is known for a great and quiet dishwasher. They have a new contemporary line called Benchmark! All of the components are integrated. The oven has an optional side handle for your convenience. If you are remodeling for yourself or for resale, this great look should be a consideration. Benchmark has exciting design options for the new trend in kitchens AND the price point is very affordable. The most updated look at an affordable price! Worth checking out at Ferguson Kitchen, Bath and Lighting Galleries.

New DXV Line from American Standard

DXV product group


DXV, an upscale division of the reliable American Standard, has combined great function with new china. It’s a winner! Whether remodeling for yourself or for resale, it is an option worth considering. Available at Ferguson Kitchen, Bath and Lighting Galleries.

Changing with the Seasons

New Picture (5)Summer is over and it is time to bring in the orange for fall! As you can see in these photos, it doesn’t take much – a few pillows, some flowers and you have a refreshed look! If you want to change pillows seasonally, cover changes can easily create a new look. Whether they are professionally made or a DIY project, the same fills can be used so all that has to be stored are the covers! This takes up a lot less space and the pillows are always the correct size for your sofa. Orange for fall, a pretty green shade through the winter holidays into spring and a print with a light background for summer and voila! you are changing with the seasons!

New Picture (9) New Picture (3) - Copy
New Picture (6) New Picture (4)
New Picture (8) New Picture (7)