Staging Bedrooms

During staging to sell your home, bedrooms need to have beds. It is hard for most buyers to envision the space without one. They do know that it can be removed and that the room can easily accommodate a desk or exercise equipment.  For resale of the home, however, it needs to have a bed!  We bought new mattresses and used the old ones for staging.  The current look is easy to achieve without costly linens as it is layered with a bed skirt, coverlet, pillows and a throw folded at the bottom of the bed.  This look can be achieved with non-matching items.

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Storage Solutions

Get rid of the junk and make the space look orderly.  Remember useful, beautiful, meaningful or it has to go! Proper storage will allow both a great look and easy access to the items you need.

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Your Interior Design Dreams

What would you buy if you won the lottery?  Think about it and you will probably discover that you don’t need to win in order to dream and make your plan for an improved look!  It does help to be creative and use your time and energy wisely!  The same applies for all phases of pleasing interiors. A competent interior designer can save you money by not making mistakes and making it happen!

Another game is “Would I move it?”  Between the two questions, you can begin to edit your personal belongings and have a more attractive interior.  Remember – useful, beautiful, meaningful or it goes!  If you wouldn’t move it why keep it?  Think big picture.This is what I would want if cost were no object!  Early on in my career it was important for my home to look like it was well put together on a small budget. I did custom built ins, just like they do now on HGTV.  They look best, fill the space perfectly and give you the best storage.  Paint is the least expensive way to add color but for resale neutral is best with bright accents.

In order to save, you have to look for the parts and put them together yourself.  You can find a bigger table top that may have repairable damage, glass that is slightly scratched and separate bases.  Painting and repairing is part of extending your budget as much as possible.
Appliances may be from a showroom changing to new offerings.  Antique stores offer a variety of options that are affordable.

The difference between your home looking great and like left overs is knowing when to spend money on the items that elevate the entire home to a higher level.  Ever add up all of the small purchases and garage sale items and know that for that amount you could have purchased one great item that you would keep and love?  Look to award winning designers and their portfolios – a consultation will pay for itself!  (And you can still say you did it yourself!)

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Every Day Staging

It is a natural to want our surroundings to look as good as possible!

Staging a home is a natural for anyone that is accomplished in design!  In fact, it is a good idea to take a look at the residence of your prospective designer as most designers started by experimenting with their own homes!  Followed by others saying “Your home looks better than mine, can you help me?”

When my award winning design friends move, they work tirelessly until perfection is achieved!

The beginnings of staging are making the most of what you have to begin with, furniture in the best places, then artwork and accessories follow.  The finishing touches include fresh flowers, bowls of fresh fruit, music and coffee or cookie smells.  The total home experience!  Why live in a home that is less than it could be, only to make the changes when you have to sell it?

I am not a feng shui practitioner but a few have made an impression on me over the years.  Get rid of anything that is dead (plants, not Grandma!) and clutter which stops the movement of chi.  These are very motivating to help you CLEAN UP.  Try a spring cleaning then for the reasonable cost of a design consultation you can get some great new ideas that may spark your new look to greater heights!

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Designers Can Assist With Ageing-In-Place

Eleven years ago during my year as president of the ASID Arizona North chapter, one of the national meetings included a presentation on aging-in-place based on research indicating seniors want to remain in their homes. With aging parents at the time, it was a particular interest. And it is coming to pass! Time Magazine recently had an article about some (of course) San Francisco area startups that are assisting with this. Lively’s smart watch is an alternative to emergency buttons. The device also has pill reminders. Lively is a monitoring system that tracks normal activity and alerts family members if the monitors are not activated or there is abnormal activity. Most boomers are probably going into retirement with some Internet knowledge and the more social ones are on some type of social media, enabling them to connect with others. Checkbook alerts through banks will also assist with irregularities concerning money.

Aging-in-place is a goal for almost everyone. features products that are innovative for this purpose without the obvious appearance of the first grab bars and other residential changes that were so noticeable.

A professional designer can insure proper space planning for accessibility, use the latest innovations and create a space that will enable comfortable living in your residence of choice.

Sunbrella fabrics are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use and are more widely used by the aging population, those with pets and small children. The fabrics are indistinguishable from other interior fabrics and allow for clean ups without dry cleaning. Chairs with arms allow for grasping the arms and pushing up. Varied heights of countertops in both kitchen and baths allow flexibility. Walk in showers essential with all areas spacious enough for mobility.

Design experts are crucial in assuring that the golden years are as rich in every way as possible!

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Trending Now!

With the rapid changes in technology the key is to keep spaces as flexible as possible! Some design trends to watch for:

  • 021015 blog Custom bar seating around pool table 1Tablets, SmartPhones, Phablets have made the home office moveable to any room of the house.
  • Dining is part of the great room or the kitchen has double islands-one for food prep and another for seating. It is more interesting to look at the view than the cabinets.
  • Home theaters are wavering as a TV fully integrated with the Internet in the family room seem to work for many.
  • Garages also offer flexible space for hobbies and storage.
  • Pets need to be considered as well. A doggie door to a secure outdoor space, litter boxes, etc. Our pets have inside entry and garage access which are totally out of sight. Dog showers are also popular or a hand spray with a tiled area.


021015 blog Custom bar seating around pool table 2


Custom Furniture – Growing Trend in Luxury Homes

021015 blog image 1 In researching current trends, the topic of custom furniture came up and, yes, there has been a huge increase in custom furnishings! Why? A designer is trying to achieve the most continuity possible within the confines of the home. This does not mean everything matches but there is a flow to materials that are good together. If your eye catches or you are thinking about an object in the room, the flow is not as good as it should be! Good interior designs are best at interior materials! Yes, Frank Lloyd Wright did customize furniture and adaptations of his case pieces are still available. (Stickley Furniture)

021015 blog image 2However, many homeowners want a more cushioned look that invites sinking in and relaxing. From a custom sectional to fit the shape of the room to wall mounted shelves instead of free standing console tables, the options are limitless! Built-in cabinetry instead of freestanding? More storage? A better look customized for you? Custom everything? There are so many chair options for both dining and relaxing that you can usually find great chairs. Check your spaces. Are they working for you? is adding a furniture section soon!

Preparing Your Home for Resale? Use an Interior Designer

Many need estimates of the work to be done to their homes in order to establish a to do list for more major projects. When renovating, these estimates are often compiled by the contractor. Homeowners can act as their own contractors on their properties and may choose to do one project at a time. Rosie Romero recently quoted some prices for the Phoenix area that would give homeowners some ballpark numbers.

  • Windows are a good return on the money invested and wood windows for an average size home could run around $11,000.
  • A mid range bathroom remodel would start near $16,000 and an upscale bath remodel $52,750.
  • A mid range kitchen remodel would start at $55,000 and an upscale remodel at over $100,000.
  • Replacing the roof and the front door also have a good return value.


Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Having dealt with many homeowners and the usual variety of dated homes over the years, plus my ongoing research in the luxury home market, I understand that keeping the continuity of the home becomes very difficult. A great new kitchen, but tile countertops in the bath? A dropped ceiling in the kitchen but a drop dead new master bath? With a skilled professional, these decisions can be weighed throughout the home with a few minor upgrades in areas other than the main renovation area. The contractors are there on site so it is easier to work on smaller projects at the same time.

021015 blog image 3Try for continuity in flooring materials. Wood is always more transitional that butting other hard floor coverings together. Recently a new home I worked on had Mexican tile in an interesting pattern in the entry. Again, continue whatever look you are going with throughout.

Cabinets, however, are more interesting in a variety of finishes. But there should be a consistency with door styles. Interior Designers are the best of the options in determining this interior continuity within your tastes and budget. Many work for an hourly fee. If they are established in their field, they can help with invaluable decisions that increase your home value. If they are working in today’s market, they should have a website. Check their portfolio. Check the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) website to see a list of member professionals then determine the best way to invest in what may be your biggest investment!

Something Old, Something New

New Picture (1)A few medallions added to a flat ceiling can create interest in a very subtle way! One of the artists I work with cut this stencil for our home from a wallpaper pattern that was similar but smaller. We added it to the ceiling for interest.


New Picture (2)There are also replications of the historic ceilings that can be effective on higher ceiling for detailing. For an historic and interesting application check out the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception recreating the look of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Begin with a base coat of Sherwin Williams Duration Home in matte finish, stencil on sizing and proceed with metallic leaf, aluminum leaf and additional varnishes and stencils.

New Picture (3)



Here is a creative use of stenciling! It is combined with hand painted tiles for hood detailing is this luxury kitchen.