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Its-Your_MoveThis linked document shows you the typical new construction progress.

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It is always important to consider resale – circumstances change.  Most buyers need to see the room being used for what they want it for.  They know with at least four bedrooms they can use them for exercise rooms, offices, children’s bedrooms or playrooms.  Don’t turn extra bedrooms into big laundry rooms and closets or you will have a bedroom shortage at resale time.  A room must have a closet to be considered a bedroom for real estate listings. Master bedrooms on the main floor are preferred so if the upstairs has the best view, or there is  space issue plan for an upgraded bed/bath on the ground floor.   Luxury properties typically have en suite bathrooms.  Jack and Jill baths are less popular, but better than no attached bath.

The Property Brothers from HGTV advise renovating the entire home for  resale.  Most of the money will be used for the kitchen and baths-this is what is typically shown on TV.  The good news is if the kitchen is updated, the remainder of the rooms can be quite inexpensive to freshen up! They have a system – one knowing the market and the other making it happen for the allocated price. The team usually renovates three rooms for $50-100,000 and these are the rooms that are shown. The remainder of the home is usually renovated also but at an additional cost.  We’re not your twin, but we know how to make it happen!  For the cost of a consultation fee, you can receive visual inspiration!

Using drawings for buyers to show remodeling options is a selling tool.  A drawing is an inexpensive way to show a prospect options.  Minimum room sizes in Sq. ft.-Kitchen 255, Master bath 155, additional baths 105, laundry-at least 42 up to 130, closet-master minimum 95 with 14′ double hung space for men and 28′ of double/single for women, living room-350, master bedroom 270, dining room 240, home office 240, bedrooms 215, entry 50 up-measure spaces you like in existing homes!  Use a professional for space planning, it is the most important! If you have to improve the home to make more when you sell, you might as well do it and enjoy living in it!

Try to raise 8′ ceilings at least the main living area to 10′ or higher.

  • Use 8′ doors throughout – entry and interior.
  • Hire someone to do space planning that is a professional-interior designers are best at interiors.
  • Flooring should be wood or larger profile tile (18″+) or stone.
  • Light tints are current for wall color, use color in small amounts or furnishings that can be easily changed.
  • Soft close toilets, double sinks in the master, a great shower and a tub.
  • Cabinetry doesn’t have to match throughout, but paint and new pulls can update with little expense compared to new cabinetry.
  • Update lighting fixtures.
  • Emphasize good views and minimize poor ones.
  • The appliance package is a selling point-luxury is a Sub-Zero refrigerator with a Wolf range or double ovens with a cook top
  • Countertops – slabs, lighter colors are the most popular.
  • Most designers choose where to get the best look for the money spent, most home owners go high or low.


Staging to Sell

  1. Declutter!
  2. Show rooms for the use intended. More people want a dining room than a pool table in the dining room! If it’s a bedroom, it needs a bed, etc.
  3. The furniture remaining in the room should fit the scale of the room and the pieces work together.
  4. Each room needs a focal point and supporting points of interest. Is it the view? If there is one, don’t compete with it. If there isn’t one then art or a fireplace is the main point of interest . From that point, balance out other supporting areas with a variety of compatible objects.
  5. Eliminate artificial greenery. Replace old throw pillows. Add new candles and burn the wicks.
  6. Appeal to all of the senses. Good smells like coffee or cookies baking. Subtle background music. Turn the lamps on in dark areas.
  7. Open window coverings for good views and partially close coverings in rooms lacking views.


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