Happy Valentine’s Day

White walls everywhere make a perfect backdrop for Valentines Day! The items shown add up to a party! The pillow fabric and napkins are from a variety stone, the tablecloth from Home Goods and heart dishes have been collected over the years. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Invite a special someone or a gathering of friends for the most simple dessert – s’mores! Just break the chocolate in pieces, add marshmallows, microwave for 1 minute and scoop out with graham crackers. Having fun is more important than hard labor!

Where Have All the Florals Gone?

Florals have been seen and promised but where are they? It is surprising the time it takes for the trends to be available to the general public! Florals were showing up in designer dresses a few years ago but are still hard to find in the stores. Of course, designer fabric lines have always been a source of florals and now stores like Anthropologie have floral sofas for sale! Designers can recover your existing sofa and or chairs as well. Mario Buatta be still! Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have dark floral carpets and cushions. Bold red roses against black and Ted Baker’s unique florals are leading into a blooming and colorful spring! Not ready for an all-out commitment? Start with pillows!

Boring Ceilings

Are your ceilings boring?  If so, do something about it!  Beams can be added, drywall detailing, tin ceilings for a vintage look or paint!   The left photo is a stencil on an 8’ ceiling to add interest.  A stencil like this gives interest without lowering the ceiling The photo on the right shows how beams will make the ceiling lower as they extend down. 

Tongue and groove wooden ceiling from light to dark is another textural option for variety.  If the ceiling is too high, bring molding down on the wall and end the ceiling color at the molding. 

Happy New Year!

Start the New Year off with a beautiful presentation for the midnight bubbly! Happy New

Simple and Elegant

Happy Holidays from
It’s OK to use unique elements in your décor – for Christmas or anytime of the year! These simple trees with elegant white lights create a sparkle for a living room or dining room.
[from Restoration Hardware]

Mantle Decor

Happy Holidays from!
What a beautiful way to use a collection of items in your home’s design. This mantle is a beautiful mixture of stars, Christmas tree balls, tinsel and greenery. The candles add an elegant flourish.

Candy Tree

Happy Holidays from
Release your inner child with this amazing candy Christmas tree! Interior design should always be an expression of who you are!

Rainbow Tree

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Interior design does not limit your options! It frees you to create a look that is special to you. A look that expresses who you are. Check out the rainbow tree