UntitledAnd just how do you incorporate Star Wars hysteria into your home?  With Oxygenics showerheads!  An enticement for the young and young at heart!


hauser lighting blogLighting directs the eye and should be layered.  Overhead lighting should be dimmed. Then add lamp light or task lighting for an inviting balance.  If it is dark outside, the only objects anyone will notice are the ones that are lit, so an entirely different ambience is achieved with control of what is accentuated.

I have lots of lighting examples on my Pinterest boards.

Expanding Spaces

Closets and Pantries

Many homes have a walk-in pantry and walk-in closets in the master, if not two, and additional smaller scale walk-ins in secondary bedrooms. All of these eat up the standing space that could be part of the open space in the room if it wasn’t in the pantry or closet.  A dream closet idea would be to have several closets facing into the room with mirrored doors and voila!  Open your winter closet complete with wools and boots (maybe cedar lining). Then an all white summer closet.  A third transitional closet would hold the remainder!  If more pantry or closet space is needed, look for an entire bedroom wall that could be build out 2 feet for a wall of closets. You can add shelving, drawers and dividers to make a kitchen area into a pantry.  Storage for can goods, cereal and other boxes can be shallow.  It is easier to see what is in the space and rotate it.

These examples and many more are available on my Pinterest boards.

Area Rugs

An area rug that covers most of the area will make the room look bigger.  An additional benefit is that covering wood or stone floors with area rugs is a must for sound moderation and visual warmth.


Surprisingly, draperies to the ceiling will give the room height.

Large Furniture

Fewer pieces of large furniture or accessories will also expand the space.

Tips for Rug Care on Hand Knotted Rugs

From full service to DIY the goal is a great environment to live in!

  • Your rugs will be less susceptible to damage if they are used rather than stored.
  • Vacuuming is better for all carpet and rugs than cleaning.  But avoid vacuuming the fringe!
  • Vacuum regularly so the dirt doesn’t cut the fibers of the rug.
  • Blot up any unwanted spills and then dilute with water and continue extracting the water.
  • Every five years (or whenever it looks dirty) the rug should be hand washed with cold water and mild detergent by a professional.
  • If the rugs are small or the value has diminished, you can to wash them yourself to control costs. Arizona has the perfect drying weather.
  • If the rugs need repair, reputable rug dealers can connect the proper artisans for your repair.
  • If you do buy an inexpensive rug and the fringe is too white, you can tea stain the fringe to blend in.
  • Rotate rugs for better wear.

27690d6bb8dbfda587b3cac97eca795fThis photo from Pinterest shows a wonderful use of rugs. Visit our other boards!

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Staging Bedrooms

During staging to sell your home, bedrooms need to have beds. It is hard for most buyers to envision the space without one. They do know that it can be removed and that the room can easily accommodate a desk or exercise equipment.  For resale of the home, however, it needs to have a bed!  We bought new mattresses and used the old ones for staging.  The current look is easy to achieve without costly linens as it is layered with a bed skirt, coverlet, pillows and a throw folded at the bottom of the bed.  This look can be achieved with non-matching items.

Visit my Pinterest board Bedroom Staging for some ideas.

Storage Solutions

Get rid of the junk and make the space look orderly.  Remember useful, beautiful, meaningful or it has to go! Proper storage will allow both a great look and easy access to the items you need.

Visit my Pinterest board on Storage to some ideas!

Your Interior Design Dreams

What would you buy if you won the lottery?  Think about it and you will probably discover that you don’t need to win in order to dream and make your plan for an improved look!  It does help to be creative and use your time and energy wisely!  The same applies for all phases of pleasing interiors. A competent interior designer can save you money by not making mistakes and making it happen!

Another game is “Would I move it?”  Between the two questions, you can begin to edit your personal belongings and have a more attractive interior.  Remember – useful, beautiful, meaningful or it goes!  If you wouldn’t move it why keep it?  Think big picture.This is what I would want if cost were no object!  Early on in my career it was important for my home to look like it was well put together on a small budget. I did custom built ins, just like they do now on HGTV.  They look best, fill the space perfectly and give you the best storage.  Paint is the least expensive way to add color but for resale neutral is best with bright accents.

In order to save, you have to look for the parts and put them together yourself.  You can find a bigger table top that may have repairable damage, glass that is slightly scratched and separate bases.  Painting and repairing is part of extending your budget as much as possible.
Appliances may be from a showroom changing to new offerings.  Antique stores offer a variety of options that are affordable.

The difference between your home looking great and like left overs is knowing when to spend money on the items that elevate the entire home to a higher level.  Ever add up all of the small purchases and garage sale items and know that for that amount you could have purchased one great item that you would keep and love?  Look to award winning designers and their portfolios – a consultation will pay for itself!  (And you can still say you did it yourself!)

Visit my Pinterest board – Favorite Rooms to see a few of my favorite dreams!

Every Day Staging

It is a natural to want our surroundings to look as good as possible!

Staging a home is a natural for anyone that is accomplished in design!  In fact, it is a good idea to take a look at the residence of your prospective designer as most designers started by experimenting with their own homes!  Followed by others saying “Your home looks better than mine, can you help me?”

When my award winning design friends move, they work tirelessly until perfection is achieved!

The beginnings of staging are making the most of what you have to begin with, furniture in the best places, then artwork and accessories follow.  The finishing touches include fresh flowers, bowls of fresh fruit, music and coffee or cookie smells.  The total home experience!  Why live in a home that is less than it could be, only to make the changes when you have to sell it?

I am not a feng shui practitioner but a few have made an impression on me over the years.  Get rid of anything that is dead (plants, not Grandma!) and clutter which stops the movement of chi.  These are very motivating to help you CLEAN UP.  Try a spring cleaning then for the reasonable cost of a design consultation you can get some great new ideas that may spark your new look to greater heights!

Visit my Pinterest board Bedroom Staging for some ideas.