Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants have many different benefits including purifying your air and improving mental health.  Each plant has different benefits, make sure and talk with your local nursery about the best ones for your needs.  You can even rotate them through different seasons!

New Uses for Old Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen interior in an upscale home

When getting new cabinets you don’t always need to toss the old ones.  This can be an opportunity to give other areas in your home a new look and add some storage, like an office or garage.

Also remember you can always paint your cabinets or replace the doors and give a new updated look no matter where you use your old cabinets.

Make Your Powder Room Special

There are many options available to help make a small powder room still have that wow feel.  First consider a pedestal sink, by having a smaller sink your will inevitably make your space feel larger. Also choose a bold pattern or color for your walls that will help it stand out from the rest of your home. But just because it is a powder room does not mean it has to be boring.



There are many different things that you can use for a table top centerpiece. You can use some of your favorite pieces and just add flowers to them; pick something that helps give that wow factor to your table. One thing that will help bring a cohesive flow to your table is using the same color in different aspects of your table. For example your dishes and flowers can have a common color while your table cloth and napkins have a different but complimenting color.

Where is the TV?

Many people don’t like the look of a TV in the room.  They can be distracting and become an unintended focal point. There are many different things you can use in your decorating to detract from the focus of the TV but still have it in the room for when it is wanted. Try an attractive TV cabinet or even hide it in plain sight by having be a part of a wall collage.  You could also use this neat wall mount where you can easily flip to view your TV or conceal it with a piece of art.

motion bnr_Flip Around_grey

Focal Point

3D render of a bedroom without color and textures

A great piece of furniture can become the focal point of your bedroom.  If you have busy or colorful room you can do something as simple as an all white bed.  Or you may need that wow piece to have as the focal point!

Inviting Décor

There are many great things about having a French aesthetic in your home! Not only is it an inviting décor choice, but is also appeals to the masses. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that Parisian feel.
• Always use Antiques when you can.
• Choose a nice neutral color palette for your walls. Then use hushed accent colors for your décor.
• One of the classic things you will find in a home with French Aesthetic and that will help complete your look is gilded décor


UntitledAnd just how do you incorporate Star Wars hysteria into your home?  With Oxygenics showerheads!  An enticement for the young and young at heart!


hauser lighting blogLighting directs the eye and should be layered.  Overhead lighting should be dimmed. Then add lamp light or task lighting for an inviting balance.  If it is dark outside, the only objects anyone will notice are the ones that are lit, so an entirely different ambience is achieved with control of what is accentuated.

I have lots of lighting examples on my Pinterest boards.