Stain Resistant Fabrics

One of the take-aways from my recent visit to the High Point Market was how important stain resistant fabrics are becoming in the furniture industry. In the Henredon showroom wine was flowing freely onto the white fabrics they are now using to show that simply blotting it off with a paper towel is all that is necessary. Vanguard had many whites to choose from that had the same capability. Upon returning to the local fabric showrooms indeed these fabrics under many different names are available. You see them mainly in solids but patterns are sure to follow. Manufacturers are making a point that light, even white, upholstery can be maintained to look great. The prices vary but many are a lower price point than the indoor/outdoor fabrics that have been widely used for interiors (especially homes with pets and children).

The technique for coating the fabrics may be applicable for your own fabrics. Ask your interior designer to research the treatment on your fabric.